Thursday, May 11, 2006

Powered by brinjal!

I've eaten more Indian food on my trip over here than in my life before this trip. I can't get enough! This is a typical plate in the officer's club across the street from our building. It is the mutton set meal, and what you see on this plate is Sing$5, and it is good! I'd say it is about a 5 on my spicymeter (0 to 9).

In the lobby of our building is a cafeteria with a great name. It's got probably six areas to eat - soup, Muslim, Chinese, noodles, fruit, etc. It's fast, but what I had (some Chinese plate of something) wasn't that great.

Next to Yummy Yummy is a coffee shop that is pretty Americanized. I tried their Mocha, of course, and I wasn't that impressed. The price was nice (Sing$5 for a medium) - make that the price was average.

Tastewise I preferred the free mochas from our vending machine inside the office. THAT price is very nice!


Anonymous said...

What are those things that look like small egg rolls. They look good, along with the rice.


Anonymous said...

Treybird: Try to get some recipes

Anonymous said...

Damn..that stuff looks good. Its settled, Bombay Bistro for lunch!


crose said...

yummy, yummy, for my tummy.

lacey said...

Hmmm...I wonder who "anonymous" is who wants Treybird to try to get some recipes! Thanks for the chuckle!