Sunday, May 14, 2006

More fun from IMDb

I really, really like movies. Consequently, I really like trolling IMDb reading about movies. I don't mean to shock and awe you, Gentle Readers, with what I'm about to say, but consider yourselves warned.

I was reading the forum for the movie...wait for it...Gigli, and I found this post, which I thought was pretty funny.

by - shelly_2_bellie017 3 days ago (Wed May 10 2006 21:59:36 )

stood for Richelle (also my name. But then agiain I could have misread it, so it it true?

by - hordak-2 11 hours ago (Sat May 13 2006 11:27:22 )

Actually it stood for Cardinal Richelieu, and is in reference to the 17th century French Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, First Minister of Louis XIII, and one of the architects of the modern world.

But yeah, most people get it wrong.


Anonymous said...

Did you actually see that movie. I would have thought it was beneath you, since you have no love for Ben.


Trey said...

The only way I would see that steaming pile is for research, or to borrow either your copy or Chris's copy.

Anonymous said...

Err I don't have that one...but I have others...Good Will Hunting was really good, they had the boston thing down.

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