Sunday, May 14, 2006

Percy and The Cannonball

Getting my hair cut is something that I don't like to do, but I'm looking like the Shaggy DA. What to do? Go to the plaza next door and get the job done. Problem: there are about 500 salons in this shopping center. I made the rounds a few times around the mall and I was definitely on the fence. My wife cuts my hair, and I don't like anyone else doing it.

I was in agony looking at all these salons. Finally I narrowed it down to two places. The first one wanted Sing$50 just for some clipper work, no shampoo, no blow dry. Uh, no thanks. The place next door was asking Sing$18. You've got my attention!

A Japanese girl, roughly my age or younger (nice try, Cobra!), did a very nice job. No conversation, though, which isn't unusual for me, as I'm pretty uncomfortable in the barber's chair. My sideburns (the titular Percy (right) and The Cannonball (left) ) are thinner, but no shorter, thank goodness.

While I was at the mall I stopped in some place and had a bite to eat.

What's nice is over here soft drinks use sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. That makes even the non-favored drinks palatable.


Anonymous said...

You know I bet everyone else that reads this blog, knows your age. Why do you think that is? Trey...?

For those that don't know,
JMR = Cobra

I'm out!

Anonymous said...

Pics of the Japanese barber or BAN!!