Sunday, May 14, 2006

Shayray and Holland Drive

A friend from work and I went out to a part of town that has a section blocked off for pedestrians, with many restaurants available. We ended up at an Indian place that is fairly famous with the Dellies over here - Shayray.

Manjit (aka Auntie) seated us outside and talked to us throughout dinner, which was excellent. We started with some rolled things that I can't find on the menu she let me bring home. They were good by themselves, and very good with the creamy mint sauce.

Next we moved on to Rogan Josh (classic mutton curry prepared with special spices) on the left and Murgh Tikka Masala (chicken tikka cooked with fine Indian herbs and spices in thick sauce) in the middle. Now shown is a bowl of vegetables, and in the right corner is buttered naan (bread). Rice is on the right. Lubricate with the ubiquitous Tiger beer and trust me, you will be full.

Manjit says that they can make you anything you want - on or off the menu. Everything is handmade, and they can spice it as mild or as hot as you can stand. I engaged her in a debate about spiciness, and she was all but daring me to get spicy. When she brought the mutton out, we tasted it, and it was fair (4 from 0 to 9 scale). She tasted it also and concurred. I asked her to send it back and make it twice as spicy. She took it back, and then returned it. It was spicier, but closer to a 6 from 0 to 9. I didn't want to keep sending it back, so we stayed with it. I told her next time I wanted my mouth to actually catch on fire. Smiling, she assured me it could be done, and I believe her.

While we were sitting at Shayray we saw a contingent of police stroll by. These weren't normal police, but ones with advanced weaponry. I didn't want to stare, but the machine guns may have been HK MP5's. I took a few pictures, but this one didn't have the flash since I didn't want to bother them, and I didn't want to get too close. They were very nice though, and just seemed to be patrolling the area.


Anonymous said...

MP5,nice, now there is a gun for home security. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Got deer-in-headlights? (For pic #1)