Sunday, May 14, 2006


This is the self-serve kiosk for the subway. You walk up, press your destination, enter your money and a card pops out. The card lets you in the gates and you get your $1 back.

I had to buy a hat in Chinatown so I won't burn my newly shorn scalp. The only decent one I could find was a Manchester United soccer hat. Good news: I get some shade. Bad news: now the tailors call me "English" when they're hawking their suits.

"Hey English! Big Man! You want a suit? Long pants, short price."

"So there's about 40 cameras, give or take. We're not actually sure how many cameras are on you, but rest assured, it's about 40."


Anonymous said...

I love the camera sign. Maybe you should try to count them all for them.


Anonymous said...

Hey Big Man-I lika your hat!