Thursday, May 11, 2006

Chinatown, part 3

So I'm back in Chinatown, but this time Brandee, a friend from work, came with me.

He knew where to go for a certain few things that I couldn't find in my previous trips, and he needed to pick up a few things too. Here is a Buddhist temple that we used to orient (!!) ourselves.

While we stopped for some cold beer I managed to get a good look at the cigarette wrappers. They have a pretty strong advertising campaign, as each pack shows different ailments from smoking.

Whatever you want to buy, Chinatown has it. Tailors around every corner; electronics and camera shops everywhere; junk; old stuff; silk. Here is a typical clothing shop, and it's packed with stuff. Some of it is okay, some is awfully gaudy.

There are plenty of artisans around as well. People are painting things, sculpting things, carving things, basically everyone is trying to make a buck, and they are willing to deal. Here is this guy carving me something.

The beer shot is from a stall across the alley from this guy. It is hot!


Anonymous said...

Wow I like the ads for the bad side of cigs...very motivating, if nothing else.


crose said...

Please pick me up a pack of cigs for runny noses.

Trey said...

According to these packs, cigs GIVE you a runny nose!

Trey said...

JMR, they should motivate you to quit!

crose said...

I misunderstood, I thought they said they fixed ailments. Guess I should of clicked on the pic.