Saturday, May 06, 2006

To the metro!

Saturday I wanted to go to Chinatown via the metro/subway, called MRT (Mass Rapid Transit?). I left hungry, and initially I thought I would pick up something in Chinatown.

You go underground via escalators to the huge MRT complex. Before I got to the station, I passed this nice shopping center, Tang Plaza. You entered via a food court that had all kinds of fast-food: Asian, Indian, fruit, sushi, gelato, pastries, etc. I picked up a few meat-on-skewers and did a little exploring.

There is a regular store farther in, and it had everything from vacuums, refridgerators (LG), kitchen appliances, books, clothes, practically everything.

I was thirsty when I was leaving Tang Plaza, so I got some pure sugar cane juice with lemon.

This stuff is so good! Very sweet, and you can get it with plum or peppermint, with or without ice ($.30 extra). I'm not sure what would compare to it back home.


Anonymous said...

That cup is kinda small, is it so sweet that you only can handle that much at a time.


Trey said...

It's a regular 16 ounce cup - the perspective makes it look small.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a cup full of the green sauce from El Regio!