Wednesday, May 03, 2006

At work

Tuesday and Wednesday were full of meetings. Long, excruciating meetings. Before we went to the vendor's office building I went in to the Dell office and squatted in an empty cube.

All the cubes are open like this, and they are in packs of four. No walls between them, and they are half-height walls of frosted glass. All the chairs are Aerons. A perk of the office: free hot and cold coffee drinks. I had a surprisingly hot and tasty mocha:

After a few hours here we went to the vendor for meetings. Across the hall is a company where I wish we had the meetings scheduled:

You can just see the top of this Asian lady's head. I had her buzz me in to ask if I could sit behind the front desk/counter for a photo op. Unwittingly I caused Asian Meltdown 2006, as she freaked out a little bit - apparently this was the first time she had heard such a request. After a few furious calls I got denied, so I had to settle for outside the door. You can just see the beginning of their slogan: "Probably the best beer in the world." Now, I'm not in Marketing, but something about "Probably" doesn't instill confidence.


crose said...

I'd never get any work done in that building. I'd be plotting every day on how to get past the receptionist. 0_o

Anonymous said...

My question is: why did you not try the beer first to see if their slogan was correct. Until you taste it, it might be 'Probably the worst beer in the world.' You can never tell about these things.