Friday, April 21, 2006

My first guitar

In college I went to Russia for the Study Abroad program, and among other things, I ended up bringing back a guitar. Basic dreadnought, and for 20,000 rubles (USD$20) it was mine!

I never really played it that much, but kept carting it around with me. Today I bring it in to work to have some of the rockers with which I work take a look at it and hopefully tune this bad boy so I can start learning git-tar. It turns out that the neck is at such an angle that playing notes toward the body will pull it out of tune.

My boys like to play with this guitar, and I've been preventing them from really cutting loose on it just in case I need to start learning on it, but I think it has officially become their guitar. I'm in the process of checking American Musical Supply, Guitar Center and Musician's Friend for both acoustic and electric packages, as well as banjos and mandolins - two instruments I've always wanted to play.


Anonymous said...

Wow that is such pretty thing you got there. It is sad when you have to retire a guitar but these things happen. Now you just need to get a new git-tar, and we be jammin.

Anonymous said...

I found a great package for you. I found it on MF. It has everything you need and then some... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Word to the wise!

Try before you buy!!!

Don't worry so much about the brand as much as how it sounds to you when you're playing it.

Playability was a key deciding factor when buying my guitar. The action (string height off the fret board) is nice and low so it's not hard to play different chords and your finger don't get as tired. Many of the other guitars gave me a tricky time holding down chords without getting that fret buzz.

And lastly, go to Guitar Center (South location) and have Ian help you out. He's a funny older guy that never lets you leave without paying less than what the sticker says.


Anonymous said...


What Steve said, you got try stuff out Trey, but that means it needs to be in your hands for more than 10 sec. at a time. That is why I wanted you to go to GC so you can try stuff out.