Friday, April 28, 2006


We really like making S'mores, and since we don't always have a campfire handy, we use our gas range. But how does one keep the marshmallow rotating and not pulling the heavy side down? We normally use an icepick, but once the marshmallow gets warm and soft, it is harder to rotate. You can buy official marshmallow sticks with two prongs, but who wants to go buy one when you can make it? I rubber-banded a cake tester to our icepick and voila! The Morton Biprong Roaster was born (patent pending).

We usually put chocolate on both sides, just in case the marshamallow decides to, uh, slip out or something. Plus it tastes better with more chocolate!

So there's all this S'mores action going on, plus we have a load of extra Peeps. I don't think it takes a rocket surgeon to see where this is going.

The Peep took to the Biprong Roaster just fine. As for the actual roasting...definitely different from the plain marshmallow. The sugary coating pretty much carmelized on the Peep, and it melted the eyes into larger brown spots. With a plain marshmallow I can tell if it is ready for application by how golden-brown it is getting, and how it handles on the spit. It's a little harder with the Peep, as the coating holds it steadier on the spit. The end result?

Not too bad, a little sweeter than a regular S'more. I was expecting more of a sugary, gritty taste, but either it was warm enough to envelope the sugar, or the graham cracker overpowered it. I can scratch this off my list now, but I think I'll stick to regular S'mores in the future.

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