Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Roller coasters

I love roller coasters. When we were at Sea World I had the chance to select one (due to time constraints) to ride, and I chose the Steel Eel. I had to ride it alone since the kids were too small and Lacey had to stay with them. I noticed a seat belt in addition to the restraint bar when I sat down, which I wasn't sure was a good sign. I double-buckled myself in and off we went.

Halfway up the first ascent I noticed how high I was. "Nice view," I thought to myself, but then we kept going up. As we neared the tipping point, I started to get nervous, and a little worried. This is a normal feeling for me on coasters, but the fear leading to exhilaration is what I like about riding them.

The cars passed the apex and we started to go down. I haven't been on a coaster with as sharp a drop as this before. Here is a picture, which unfortunately isn't mine, of the first descent.

The Steel Eel is fast! I quickly realized why the seatbelt was there - even being buckled in I was being pulled off the seat. A few times I thought my glasses were going to be thrown off! I still have bruises on the sides of my legs from trying to hold myself in to the cart.

There is at least one more roller coaster at Sea World - one of those where you hang your feet outside the carts, but I picked the Steel Eel because the track was longer and taller. Next time we'll check out all of them.


CROSE said...

When I went to Six Flags over Texas, I made the mistake of riding The Titan first. Towering 255 feet above the earth, this ride really shook me up. Literally, my legs wouldn't stop shaking for about 30 minutes after riding it. Every ride after that seemed to be like the rides at one of those traveling circuses.

Steve said...

The next time the kids have sitter or you're able to get away, we have to go back out there! That ride looked awesome! (Preferably during a week day...sick day perhaps?)

I've been wanting to go ride some coasters for a long time now and I'm just waiting for an excuse!

Name the day and I'm there!